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Demand for small package home delivery services has rapidly increased in recent years, largely due to the growth of online shopping. Moreover, Huang et al. (2008) claim that the quality of logistics service performance is an important key marketing component that helps create customer satisfaction, consequently, the increasing number of small-sized shipments and their frequency variation pose a great challenge to logistics service providers.


They need to rationalize the cost of operating and maintaining their parcel distribution networks, achieving, at the same time, a reasonable success rate of on-time delivery of packages across a large geographic area in order to satisfy the user needs. At the same time, new technologies and innovations are being developed with the aim of increasing the efficiency of logistics service provider (e.g. Hwang et al. (2006) propose a digital home service delivery system for small business companies). Innovations in this field support the efficient operations of large companies, as much as foster the creation of new enterprises and business models in the home delivery sector.

BT provides total and comprehensive logistics solutions from pre-importation to a fully integrated, real-time inventory management control module. the system is constantly updated on stock levels, sales statistics and operational controls of deliveries to various regional distributors, further branching out to their stockiest (subs distributors) and finally reaching out to the retailers. The system is fully redundant and extends to the company’s internal accounting requirements, thereby tracking goods in transit, as well.

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